Why a subscription marketing agency model?

The real question is this:

With all of the marketing companies out there, how do you really know who to use? Here is a helpful Forbes.com article on the exact subject!


Or a better question is, who have you used in the past that has burned you? 


The truth is that you if you have been in business for any number of years, you have probably not only used a marketing firm or a marketing company in the past, but you’ve also been burned by them in someway. 


Has this marketing company withheld your passwords from you?

Did they refuse to give you a login to your own website? Did they run Adwords for you and charge a percentage of the markup? 


These are all different ways that marketing companies will typically use to keep you as a client, to keep you hostage to continue using their firm. This is not what Stubborn Marketing does, in fact it’s one of the reasons why we started it as a subscription marketing agency. 


We decided to become a subscription marketing agency that did things a little bit differently. 


That’s why we came up with the subscription model. 


The subscription model is incredible because you can get unlimited graphic design, web


 design, web edits, and anything else that you could possibly need all for one month cost. 


And did we mention that we also help with your online presence? 


That’s right, we do search engine optimization for you, and can even help you with one of the biggest ways to increase your leads which is your Google map. We know all of the tools, the tricks, the tips to get you ranking online. 


In fact one of our founders actually has a best selling book on a step-by-step process on how to do exactly that. 


If you are tired of getting screwed by your marketing firm, then you need to use a company that not only offers a subscription model, but that also has a month to month contract. We want to be able to earn your business each and every single month. So what are you waiting on? Pick up the phone and call us today.